At Cool/Hot Guys, We Know Knowledge is Power.

HVAC issues can be frustrating, expensive, and in the Arizona heat, downright urgent. The more you know about your AC unit and how it works, the less time and money you have to spend down the road. Here are a few things about your air conditioning system you may not have know:

  1. It's Not Simply Blowing Air into a Room. Your system should be blowing cool air into your home while simultaneously filtering out any hot air. The faster hot air is pulled out of your home, the easier it is to cool it. Your AC also limits humidity, keeping your thermostat set to 'Auto' instead of "On' will ensure it will blow air only when the cooling system is actually running.
  2. Air Filters Aren't Really for Allergies. Premium air filters that claim they can help with allergies won't relieve your stuffy symptoms. Air filters are meant to prevent dirt and debris from building up in the evaporation coils that keep your AC running efficiently. Struggling with allergies in the home? Talk to our technicians about AirScrubber Plus and other solutions to remove airborne contaminants that could be causing that stuffy nose.
  3. Restricted Air Flow is Always a Concern. If your AC is working too hard, the cooling unit will struggle to do its job. That means your motor and capacitors will fail faster, costing more to repair in the long run and wracking up a higher electricity bill. If you want to know if your AC is working too hard, call a trusted Cool/Hot Guys technician for an air conditioner check-up.

Want to Make Sure Your AC is Ready for the Heat?

It's nearly impossible to live comfortably in Arizona without a hard-working air conditioner. If you aren't sure if your AC is running as efficiently as it could, call Cool/Hot Guys AC now. We focus on AC repairs, replacements, and state of the art installation projects valley wide, and work on both residential and commercial properties. Call us today!