Discover a Smart Thermostat Option

Find out about our smart thermostat installation services in Scottsdale & Paradise Valley, AZ

In Scottsdale, Arizona and surrounding areas, you have the opportunity to try a new smart thermostat. Cool/Hot Guys AC installs ecobee smart thermostats, and many of our residential and commercial customers are already enjoying their benefits.

If you choose our smart thermostat installation services, you'll see that ecobee smart thermostats are:

  • Easy to use
  • Sleek
  • Energy-efficient

An ecobee thermostat will manage your HVAC system to reduce energy expenditure, cutting down both your energy bills and your environmental impact. When you're ready to cut costs and experience some of the latest in smart home technology, call 602-266-5287 to consult a reliable technician right away.

Why choose ecobee?

When you're planning on a smart thermostat installation, you have several options. We believe an ecobee thermostat is among the best choices. An ecobee device offers all the benefits of an eco-friendly, energy efficient device while being accessible.

You can use the thermostat in your building with your voice, or on the go with a virtual assistant, your smartphone with the ecobee app or your Apple Watch. Ask us about our user-friendly ecobee thermostats today.