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HVAC issues can be frustrating, expensive and in the Arizona heat, downright urgent. The more you know about your AC unit and how it works, the less time and money you have to spend down the road. Here are a few things about your air conditioning system you may not have known:

5 Components of your AC unit

  • Expansion Valve: This device creates a restriction in the liquid line of a system, which in turn creates a pressure drop.
  • Evaporator: This device is what removes heat from the space by exchanging it for a boiling refrigerant.
  • Compressor: Think of this component as the system's heartbeat - it creates the energy and thrust to move refrigerant around the system.
  • Condenser: This is the device that pushes the heat that has built up inside the refrigerant into the outside air.
  • Receiver/Drier: In order to preserve the air quality, this storage area for excess refrigerant contains a drying agent and a filter that removes contaminants from the system.

When is it time to replace your AC unit

  • Your AC unit breaks down frequently.
  • Your electric bills are regularly extremely high. An inefficient AC unit will not regulate the temperature of your home correctly, resulting in higher electric bills.
  • Your home has a high level of humidity. An effective AC unit should pull humidity from the home. High humidity may be a sign your unit isn't working properly.
  • The size of your home changed. A larger home requires a larger AC unit to keep the home efficiently cool during the hot months.

Restricted air flow is always a concern

  • If your AC is working too hard, the cooling unit will struggle to do its job. That means your motor and capacitors will fail faster, costing more to repair in the long run and racking up a higher electricity bill.

Want to make sure your AC is ready for the heat?

It's nearly impossible to live comfortably in Arizona without a hard-working air conditioner. If you aren't sure if your AC is running as efficiently as it could, call Cool/Hot Guys AC now. We focus on AC repairs, installation and maintenance valley wide, working on both residential and commercial properties.

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