Is it time to replace your air conditioner?

We provide great AC replacement services in Scottsdale, AZ and Maricopa County areas

Your air conditioner in Arizona works harder than most AC units to manage the extreme heat. Due to so much heat damage from the summer months, your AC unit can fail long before its typical 10-year lifespan. Not only can the extreme heat damage your AC unit, but it can also drive up electricity bills in the process.

Cool/Hot Guys AC provides AC replacement services to ensure your home is prepared to withstand our area's triple-digit temperatures. We can take out your faulty unit and replace it with a modern, efficient system. In addition, you can leverage our smart thermostat installation services to choose a smart themostat, making use of the new unit a breeze. Replace your HVAC unit NOW to prepare for the summer!

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Count on a hassle free installation process

Our goal is to make the AC installation process as stress-free and convenient as possible. We want you to experience minimal interruptions to your day-to-day life and feel comfortable quickly.

For your peace of mind, we offer:

  • One-year and longer warranties on our services
  • Factory-authorized warranty repairs on top brands
  • Competitive pricing and service consultations

You can be certain that you've made a good investment and your property is ready for any weather.

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